Puppet Master III Toulon's Revenge Trailer

Puppet Master III Toulon's Revenge Trailer (1991)

"When Good Puppets Go Bad" 17 October 1991 Horror 86 mins

Set in Berlin during WWII, the Nazi regime is attempting to develop a drug that will animate the dead, in order to use in the war effort. Toulin arouses suspicion as a Nazi dissident, and his secret is discovered. During a Nazi raid on his home, Toulin's beautiful wife is murdered. Toulin vows revenge, with the help of his animated puppets.

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Guy Rolfe

as Andre Toulon

Richard Lynch

as Major Krauss

Ian Abercrombie

as Dr. Hess

Kristopher Logan

as Lt. Eric Stein

Aron Eisenberg

as Peter Hertz

Walter Gotell

as General Mueller

Sarah Douglas

as Elsa Toulon

Jasmine Touschek

as Prostitute

Lenny Rose

as Airport Agent

Landon Hall

as Brothel Girl


Charles Band

Charles Band Executive Producer

Richard Band

Original Music Composer

David P. Barton

David P. Barton Makeup Effects

Charles Band

Charles Band Original Story

Adolfo Bartoli

Adolfo Bartoli Director of Photography

David Allen

David Allen Visual Effects

International Titles

Puppet Master 3 Trailer

Puppet Master III - Toulon's Rache Trailer

Puppet Master III - Toulon's Rache (1991) Trailer

Puppetmaster 3 Trailer

Toulon's Rache Trailer

El amo de las marionetas 3 Trailer

El amo de las marionetas 3 Trailer

El amo de las marionetas 3 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 29 October 1992

Mexico 29 May 2000

United States 17 October 1991

Production Companies

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