The Last Blood Trailer

The Last Blood Trailer (1991)

13 March 1991 Drama, Action, Comedy 90 mins

Tam is Lui Tai, an Interpol agent assigned to protect a famous religious leader, the Daka Lama, who's targeted for death by the militant Japanese terrorist group, the Red Army. Lui Tai hooks up with the Daka Lama in Singapore, but a Red Army attack leaves the Daka Lama in critical condition. Unfortunately, the Daka Lama has a rare blood type, and there are only three possible donors in all of Singapore. Two are quickly offed, with only annoying lowlife Fatty (Eric Tsang) remaining. Liu Tai and local Singapore cop Stone (Leung Ka-Yan) try to beat the Red Army to Fatty, but they also have to deal with Hong Kong triad boy B (Andy Lau), who wants to make sure Fatty's blood goes to his girlfriend (May Lo) first. She was also wounded in the same attack as the Daka Lama, and also needs the ultra-rare blood. Will everyone work together to make sure both the Daka Lama and B's girl are saved? Or will they get in each other's way and allow the two to die?

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Alan Tam

as Stone

Andy Lau

as Stone

Eric Tsang

as Stone

May Lo Mei-Mei

as May / Ling

Natalis Chan

as Dr Ferrari

Jackson Liu

as Saporo

Chin Ho

as KamaKura

Law Shu-Kei

as Daka Lama


Wallace Cheung

Wallace Cheung Executive Producer

Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang Executive Producer

Wong Jing


Jingle Ma

Jingle Ma Cinematography

International Titles

12 Hours of Fear Trailer

12 Hours To Die Trailer

Hard Boiled 2 Trailer

驚天十二小時 Trailer

12 Hours of Terror Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 13 March 1991

United States 31 March 1991

Production Companies

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