Where Angels Fear to Tread Trailer

Where Angels Fear to Tread Trailer (1991)

21 June 1991 Drama, Romance, Foreign 108 mins

The widow Lilia Herriton meets a young man when she visits Italy and marries him. The man is only a dentist without a good name, and Lilia's relatives are clearly unhappy with her choice. Lilia dies while giving birth to a son, and two relatives travel to Italy to take care of of the baby, expecting no trouble from the father.

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Rupert Graves

as Philip Herriton

Helen Mirren

as Lilia Herriton

Helena Bonham Carter

as Caroline Abbott

Barbara Jefford

as Mrs. Herriton

Judy Davis

as Harriet Herriton

Thomas Wheatley

as Mr. Kingcroft

Vass Anderson

as Mr. Abbott

Sylvia Barter

as Mrs. Theobald

Siria Betti

as Hotel-Keeper

Giovanni Guidelli

as Gino Carella

Anna Lelio

as Perfetta

Luca Lazzareschi

as Spiridione

Sergio Falasca

as Carriage Driver


International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 21 June 1991

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