Blame It on the Bellboy Trailer

Blame It on the Bellboy Trailer (1992)

"Mix-ups, Mishaps, Madness, and Mayhem... It's all part of the service." 06 March 1992 Comedy 78 mins

Mike Lawton, Maurice Horton, and Melvin Orton are three men who come to Venice. One of them is a hit man sent to take out a mobster. Another is a lech looking for a little action with a woman he never met, whom he was set up with. And one of them was sent by his employer to inspect a property his boss wants to buy. All three men stay at the same hotel. But when the bellboy gets their names mixed up and gives info meant for someone else. So one of them meets a Realtor who will whatever she has to, to close the sale. And another follows a woman looking for romance. And another goes to the home of the mobster who thinks he's sent there to kill him.

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Dudley Moore

as Melvyn Orton

Bryan Brown

as Mike Lawton / Charlton Black

Richard Griffiths

as Maurice Horton

Patsy Kensit

as Caroline Wright

Alison Steadman

as Rosemary Horton

Penelope Wilton

as Patricia Fulford

Jim Carter

as Rossi

Alex Norton

as Alfio

John Grillo

as Hotel Manager


Mark Herman


Trevor Jones

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Irren ist mörderisch Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 06 March 1992

Production Companies

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