Guilty of Innocence Trailer

Guilty of Innocence Trailer (1992)

10 February 1992 History 110 mins

This sumptuously photographed period drama is set in 1791 Vienna. Maximilian Bardo, an opportunistic 18-year old Viennese man with aspirations to rise above his bourgeois upbringing, looks for a chance to shoehorn himself into the nobility. His hopes lead him to the castle of a wealthy inventor, Alexander Plant. It is here that a strange story is played out, as Maximilian, full of naive illusions and innocent ideals of what it means to be wealthy and noble, quickly loses his innocence. Falling prey to the jaded aristocrats in residence, he is cruelly initiated into their decadent games.

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Jonathan Zaccaï

as Maximilien Bardo

Ute Lemper

as Catherine Gless

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

as Jeanne Eberlen

André Wilms

as Bicken

Jan Peszek

as Kaltfish


Elsa Chabrol

Elsa Chabrol Executive Producer

International Titles

Wenn die Vernunft schläft Trailer

Gdy rozum spi Trailer

Guilty of Innocence Trailer

Kiedy rozum spi Trailer

When Reason Sleeps Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 10 February 1992

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