Mad Dog Coll Trailer

Mad Dog Coll Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992 Drama, Action, Crime

New York City is torn apart by an all-out mafia war. With brother Peter at his side, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll blasts his way from streetfighter to kingpin in the dangerous world of organized crime.

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International Titles

Killer Instinct Trailer

International Releases Dates

Antarctica 01 January 1992

Germany 11 May 1994

United States 01 January 1992

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Mad Dog Coll Original Trailer


Mad Dog Coll (Clip 1993)

AKA "Killer Instinct" Mad Dog Coll and Dutch Schultz battle over bootleg booze. Starring: Christopher Bradley Bruce Nozick Rachel York Find out more at

Mad Dog Coll (1993)

New York City is torn apart by an all-out mafia war. With brother Peter at his side Vincent Mad Dog Coll blasts his way from streetfighter to kingpin in the . AKA Killer Instinct Mad

[Wikipedia] Mad Dog Coll (film)

Mad Dog Coll is a 1992 film directed by Greydon Clark. It stars Christopher Bradley and Bruce Noizick. It was released in the United States on home video as Killer Instinct.

Who Killed Mad Dog Coll?

Vincent 'mad dog' coll (1908 1932) find a grave memorial. Coll gained notoriety for the alleged accidental killing of a young child during mob kidnap attempt 2 nov 2014 location 312 west

Chris Bradley: Killer Instinct (1993)

Watch Chris Bradley as Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll in Killer Instinct (1993). This brutal biopic tells the blood-soaked tale of how Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll rose to become one of the most ruthless...

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