Man Trouble Trailer

Man Trouble Trailer (1992)

"He Plans To Steal...More Than Her Heart." 17 July 1992 Comedy, Romance 100 mins

A sleazy but affable guard dog trainer is blackmailed to steal a manuscript for a tell-all book from one of his clients.

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Jack Nicholson

as Eugene Earl Axline, aka Harry Bliss

Ellen Barkin

as Joan Spruance

Lauren Tom

as Adele Bliss

Harry Dean Stanton

as Redmond Layls

Beverly D'Angelo

as Andy Ellerman

Michael McKean

as Eddy Revere

Saul Rubinek

as Laurence Moncrief

Viveka Davis

as June Huff

Veronica Cartwright

as Helen Dextra

David Clennon

as Lewie Duart

John Kapelos

as Detective Melvenos

Paul Mazursky

as Lee MacGreevy

Gary Graham

as Butch Gable

Betty Carvalho

as Socorro

Mark J. Goodman

as Talk Show Host


Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi Executive Producer

Mario Cecchi Gori

Mario Cecchi Gori Executive Producer

Vittorio Cecchi Gori

Vittorio Cecchi Gori Executive Producer

Tom Shaw

Tom Shaw Line Producer

Michael Silverblatt

Michael Silverblatt Associate Producer

Georges Delerue

Original Music Composer

Stephen H. Burum

Stephen H. Burum Director of Photography

Mel Bourne

Mel Bourne Production Design

Kevin Constant

Kevin Constant Art Direction

International Titles

La gatta e la volpe Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 17 July 1992

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Man Trouble Trailer

Trailer for Man Trouble (1992) Director: Bob Rafelson Cast: Jack Nicholson Ellen Barkin Harry Dean Stanton Beverly D'Angelo Michael McKean Visit for more info.

Man Trouble (1992) - Check Trailer

Full HD 1080p @ 24 fps widescreen 16:9.

Man Trouble 1992

Director: Bob Rafelson Writer: Carole Eastman Stars: Jack Nicholson Ellen Barkin Harry Dean Stanton.

MAN TROUBLE (1992) | Theatrical Trailer: Jack Nicholson Ellen Barkin

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Here is the opening to the 1992 VHS of Man Trouble: 1- Fox Video logo 2- Love Potion trailer (WARNING- MATURE CONTENT) 3- This bumper 4- Feature Presentation bumper Copyright:...

Man Trouble (1992) (PMIYC TV#111)

Jack Nicholson and Ellen Barkin star in this 'romantic comedy' about an Opera Singer and a Guard Dog Trainer. Find so many more obscure films with famous stars in them at our YouTube

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