Child Murders Trailer

Child Murders Trailer (1993)

30 April 1993 Drama 78 mins

A melodrama about children, the child murders that the film’s title refers to are the million and one ways that children’s souls are ravaged by neglect, unkindness and cruelty, even though several physical deaths take place in the story.

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Hungary 30 April 1993

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The Atlanta Child Murders - Part 1 (1985 mini-series

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The Atlanta Child Murders Part 1 (1985)

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Gyerekgyilkosságok - Teljes film (Child Murders Kinder Morde)

Gyerekgyilkosságok - Child Murders (fekete-fehér magyar filmdráma 80 perc 1993) Díjak: Cannes Film Festival 1993. - FIPRESCI prize Gene Moskowitz prize Chicago International Film

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The Atlanta Child Murders - Part 2 (1985 mini-series

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