Last Light Trailer

Last Light Trailer (1993)

"One defying the system. One sworn to uphold it." 22 August 1993 Drama, Thriller 104 mins

Kiefer Sutherland plays Denver Bayliss, a condemned murderer who has killed three people, including a prison guard. He was brought into the system as a juvenile delinquent and never got out. Now he is awaiting execution. Forest Whitaker stars as Fred Whitmore, a death row prison guard who runs into trouble when he refuses to take part in the brutally abusive tactics of the guards. However, something about Denver haunts Fred Whitmore, and the two men form an unexpected friendship that transforms their lives.

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Kiefer Sutherland

as Denver Bayliss

Forest Whitaker

as Fred Whitmore

Clancy Brown

as Lt. Lionel McMannis

Lynne Moody

as Hope Whitmore

Amanda Plummer

as Lillian Burke

Kathleen Quinlan

as Kathy Rubicek

Cameron Dye

as 1st Inmate

Tony T. Johnson

as Darrell Whitmore

Lydell M. Cheshier

as Jimmy the J

Gary Carlos Cervantes

as Kranski (as Gary Cervantes)

Dom Magwili

as 1st Guard

Mike Gomez

as 2nd Guard

Edward Bunker

as Chess Player

Danny Trejo

as 2nd Inmate

Robert Eisele

as Bill Corbett

Valeri Ross

as Woman Neighbor


Robert Eisele

Robert Eisele Executive Producer

Charles Weinstock

Charles Weinstock Executive Producer

Jude Cole

Original Music Composer

Ric Waite

Ric Waite Director of Photography

International Titles

Cellblock 7 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 22 August 1993

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Last Light (1993) Trailer

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Last Light Trailer 1993

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Last Light Movie Trailer

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