Lost in Transit Trailer

Lost in Transit Trailer (1993)

01 September 1993 Comedy

A traveller who has lost his passport in a Paris airport while between flights is restricted to a special transit zone. There he finds a group of similarly lost people hiding out and living from hand-to-mouth, reliant on their ingenuity to survive.

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Jean Rochefort

as Arturo Conti

Laura del Sol

as Angela

Jean-Louis Richard

as Monsieur Armanet

José Artur

as Le marchand de journaux

Olivier Saladin

as Le restaurateur

Claude Derepp

as Bébert, le planton

Jacques Mathou

as Policier contrôle #1

Jacques Mathou

as Policier contrôle #1

Christian Sinniger

as Policier contrôle #2

Yves Osmu

as Policier commissariat

Dimitri Radochevitch

as Le chauffeur du car

Pierre Laplace

as Inspecteur commissariat

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 September 1993

France 23 February 1994

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Lost in Transit

Lost in Transit is a 1993 French film directed by Philippe film is about a man who loses his passport and spends a couple of days at a Paris airport where he meets four people

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