New Dominion Tank Police Trailer

New Dominion Tank Police Trailer (1993)

13 September 1993 180 mins

The year is 2016. The place is New Port City. The Tank Police are still waging a desperate war on crime, and their tactics are still highly questionable. Mayor Weatherby is trying to pass a bill banning certain weapons from the city, which makes her a target of the Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation, who are now manufacturing mobile weapons that even the Tank Police may not be able to stop. Dai Nippon Geiken is also connected with the murder of Leona Ozaki's former partner, Charon Ishira, making the battle all the more personal for the Tank Police's number one officer, who will stop at nothing to avenge her partner. But can she pay the high price revenge calls for?

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New Dominion Tank Police Intro Videos Retro Junk

I've just been re-watching this show and not only does it still look good it's still funny.

New Dominion Tank Police Trailer

Newport City 2010 - In a desperate attempt to stop the swelling tide of rampant crime and urban terrorism plaguing the city the government forms a special task force - The Tank Police -

New Dominion Tank Police Episode 1 Launch Tank Police

Ah! Now THIS is a classic scene! One of the first animes I ever fell in love with and this is why. Puma Sisters FTW. I actually used to have a poster of them a long ... Dominion Tank

New Dominion Tank Police Ep 01 Launch Tank Police 1993

New Dominion Tank Police Ep 01 Launch Tank Police 1993 New Dominion Tank Police Ep 01 Launch Tank Police 1993.

New Dominion Tank Police Ep 06 End the Dreaming 1993

New Dominion Tank Police Ep 06 End the Dreaming 1993 New Dominion Tank Police Ep 06 End the Dreaming 1993.

New Dominion Tank Police Episode 5 Conflict City

New Dominion Tank Police Episode 05 English Dub Synopsis In the follow up to Shirows classic anime Al Leona and their trusty steed Bonaparte continue to fight crime in New Port City

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