Only the Strong Trailer

Only the Strong Trailer (1993)

"The ultimate martial art." 27 August 1993 Action 99 mins

Former Green Beret Louis Stevens returns to his hometown of Miami after completing military service in Brazil, only to learn that his old high school has become a haven for gangs and drug dealers. After Stevens uses his capoeira skills to kick several drug dealers off of the school property, Kerrigan, one of Stevens' old teachers, sees the impact that Stevens has on the students. Kerrigan gives him the task of teaching Capoeira to a handful of the worst at-risk students at the school.

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Mark Dacascos

as Louis Stevens

Geoffrey Lewis

as Kerrigan

Stacey Travis

as Dianna

Todd Susman

as Cochran

Richard Coca

as Orlando Aliveres

Frank Dux

as Welder


Frank Dux

Frank Dux Martial Arts Choreographer

International Titles

Streetfighter, la rage de vaincre Trailer

Только сильнейшие Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 18 April 2002

United States 27 August 1993

Production Companies

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Only The Strong - Trailer

Only the Strong full hd movie trailer.

Only the Strong - trailer

This is the trailer for the movie Only the Strong from 1993 starring Mark Dacascos.

Only the Strong 1993

Only the Strong full hd movie trailer.

Capoeira movie - Only the Strong (1993) [ fight 2 ].mp4

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If you like Capoeira than you better watch this movie.

Only the Strong [german] Kompletter Film

ja mal was anderes auf meinem Kanal viel Spaß ^^ Handlung: Louis Stevens ist ein ehemaliger Green Beret der aufgrund einer fehlgeschlagen Mission deren Ziel es war einen Drogenbaron

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