Pink Bomb Trailer

Pink Bomb Trailer (1993)

27 March 1993 95 mins

A bunch of Hong Kong residents go on a bus tour to Thailand and get mixed up with counterfeiters who’re chasing an underage hooker (Gloria Yip) who stole their bogus loot. Waise Lee is the tour guide, a loopy priest who’s preoccupied with changing money. Sean Lau does a Travis Bickle impression as a jaded taxi driver who’s sweet on teacher Rachel Lee. Cynthia Khan is a kick-butt meter maid, and Fennie Yuen is a money grubbing beautician. Dayo Wong is a wacky ex-triad.

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Pink Bomb

Pink Bomb full hd movie trailer.

Pink Bomb - Irn Bru ad

THE next chapter in IRN-BRU's advertising history has been unveiled today (Wednesday 28th March) with a series of new TV and cinema adverts inspired by Scots' irrepressible character. IRN-BRU'

pink bomb - pink bomb

pink bomb - pink bomb 1997 quad communications.

Pink Bomb - AfterShock - 1999

Pink Bomb - AfterShock - 1999 - Oldskool Classic Genre: - Electronic Style: - Progressive Trance Ambient Year: - 1999.

Pink Bomb - Aftershock

Label:Quad Communications Catalog#:qc014 Format:Vinyl 12" Country:UK Released:1999 Genre:Electronic Style:Trance Downtempo Credits:Written-By Producer - D. Bayton* M. Booker* ...

【人生得意衰尽欢】粤语中字(香港爆笑电影)杨丽菁 / 刘青云 / 李子雄 / 李丽珍 / 黄子华 / 袁洁莹 / 叶蕴仪 Pink Bomb

【赌侠】粤语中字(香港爆笑电影)刘德华/ 周星驰/ 向华强/ 张敏/ 吴孟达/ 陈法蓉God of Gamblers II -~-~~-~~~-~~-~

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