Time Bokan: Royal Revival Trailer

Time Bokan: Royal Revival Trailer (1993)

26 November 1993 60 mins

It's Grand Theft Mecha Vs. Super Moron Kart as the baddies slam, bash and dirty trick each other to the finish.

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Kazuya Tatekabe

as Tonzura / Donjuro / Kyokantin / Sukadon / Tonmentan / Twarusky / Walther

Noriko Ohara

as Doronjo / Majo / Metasha / Milenjo / Mujo / Munmun / Yanyan

Naoko Matsui

as Lorikon Tani / Obanber / Sailor Munmun

Jōji Yanami

as Boyakkii / Dasainen / Domoke-Yakovitch / Glocky / Kokematsu / Kosuinen (voices)


Tatsuo Yoshida

Tatsuo Yoshida Characters

International Titles

Time Bokan Ōdō Fukko Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 26 November 1993

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Time Bokan: Royal Revival OVA episode 1

In 1993 Tatsunoko Production produced and released a two episode OVA called "Time Bokan: Royal Revival". Time Bokan was a franchise of (at the time) seven shows starting in the 1970s

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WATCH NOW AT ▻+[[]]]+◅ (1993 Time Bokan: Royal Revival Full Movie HD) "It's Grand Theft Mecha Vs. Super Moron Kart as the baddies slam bash and dirty trick

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