Aida Trailer

Aida Trailer (1994)

"A spectacular Covent Garden production of Guiseppe Verdi's most popular opera featuring Cheryl Studer and Dennis O'Neill." 27 June 1994 150 mins

A spectacular Covent Garden production of Guiseppe Verdi's most popular opera featuring Cheryl Studer and Dennis O'Neill. In the Egypt of the Pharoahs there is war with Ethiopia. The Ethiopian King's daughter, Aida, has been captured and is now a slave in the service of the Pharoah's daughter, Amneris. Radames loves Aida but is loved by Amneris. He is appointed general of the Egyptian army and in the second scene of the second act returns in triumph, to be rewarded by the unwelcome hand of Amneris in marriage. Aida's father, Amonasro, has been taken prisoner, his life spared at the intercession of Radames.

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Edward Downes

Edward Downes Music Director

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 27 June 1994

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Formel 1 Saison 1994 - GP Pazifik - Aida #2

Enjoy =) Twitter: Meine Ausstattung: Fractal D. Define S Black Window Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Intel Z170

Aida Musical Trailer

Aida full hd movie trailer.

Volta Onboard Williams FW16 Ayrton Senna pacifico Aida 1994

Volta Williams FW16 Ayrton Senna no circuito de Aida Pacifico 1994.

O patria mia - Wilhelmenia Fernandez. Luxor. 1994. (from Verdi's Aida)

Giuseppe Verdi. "AIDA". Atto 3. Luxor. 1994. Queen Hatshepsut's temple. Recitativo. Qui Radamès verrà... Che vorrà dirmi? Romanza. O cieli o dolci aure native Aida -

Aida 1994 - Alboreto & Wendlinger Accident

Michele Alboreto and Karl Wendlinger collides in Aida 1994.


Aida - Ines Salazar Radamès - Keith Olsen Amneris - Hermine May Amonasro - Johannes von Duisburg Ramphis - Ivan Urbas Il Re di Egitto - Stefano Rinaldi-Miliani Una Sacerdotessa - Sonia

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