Alone in the Night Trailer

Alone in the Night Trailer (1994)

22 October 1994 108 mins

Nami is now the wife of a policeman who is killed in the line of duty. Instead of being buried with honour, Nami's husband is accused of involvement with organized crime, so Nami sets out to clear his name. She goes undercover, but falls victim to a gang who brutally rape her. She attempts suicide, but a cop named Muraki saves her and they work together to solve the case.

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Norimichi Kasamatsu

Norimichi Kasamatsu Director of Photography

Genichi Ichikawa

Genichi Ichikawa Lighting Technician

Goro Yasukawa

Original Music Composer

Teru Yamazaki

Teru Yamazaki Art Direction

Hirokazu Kanakatsu

Hirokazu Kanakatsu Art Direction

Atsushi Sugiyama

Atsushi Sugiyama Sound Recordist

Kazuhiko Ishida

Kazuhiko Ishida Assistant Director

International Titles

Alone in the Night Trailer

Angel Guts: Night is Falling Again Trailer

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Alone in the Night 1994

Alone in the Night full hd movie trailer.

Alone In The Night Trailer - COMING SOON!

A new show coming soon from the maker of White Noise And Whispers. Each week a brave nominee goes Alone In The Night with nothing for company other than a camera a torch and a walkie

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