D2: The Mighty Ducks Trailer

D2: The Mighty Ducks Trailer (1994)

"The Puck Stops Here!" 25 March 1994 Drama, Action, Comedy 106 mins

After Gordon Bombay's hockey comeback is cut short he is named coach of Team USA Hockey for the Junior Goodwill Games. Bombay reunites the Mighty Ducks and introduces a few new players, however, he finds himself distracted by his newfound fame and must regather if the Ducks are to defeat tournament favourites Iceland.

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Emilio Estevez

as Coach Gordon Bombay

Kathryn Erbe

as Michele MacKay

Michael Tucker

as Tibbles

Carsten Norgaard

as Coach Wolf Stansson

Joshua Jackson

as Charlie Conway

Elden Henson

as Fulton Reed

Shaun Weiss

as Greg Goldberg

Garette Ratliff Henson

as Guy Germaine

Marguerite Moreau

as Connie Moreau

Vincent Larusso

as Adam Banks

Mike Vitar

as Luis Mendoza

Kenan Thompson

as Russ Tyler


Sam Weisman


Jon Avnet

Jon Avnet Producer

Doug Claybourne

Doug Claybourne Executive Producer

J.A.C. Redford

Original Music Composer

Mark Irwin

Mark Irwin Director of Photography

International Titles

D2 The Mighty Ducks Trailer

Šampióni 2 Trailer

Mighty Ducks - Sie sind wieder da Trailer

Mighty Ducks 2 - Das Superteam Trailer

Mighty Ducks II - Das Superteam kehrt zurück Trailer

Les Petits Champions 2 Trailer

Могучие утята 2 Trailer

D2: The Mighty Ducks Trailer

Mighty Ducks D2 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 30 June 1994

Brazil 01 May 1994

Germany 25 October 1995

United Kingdom 23 December 1994

Sweden 21 October 1994

United States 25 March 1994

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