Flinch Trailer

Flinch Trailer (1994)

"Flinch - A Killing Phantom" 22 November 1994 88 mins

Two live store window mannequins witness a murder late at night.

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Judd Nelson

as Harry Mirapolsky

Gina Gershon

as Daphne James


J.J. Makaro

J.J. Makaro Stunt Coordinator

International Releases Dates

United States 22 November 1994

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Flinch [1994] Italian Movie HD

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The sneak peek at the upcoming suspense/horror film "FLINCH." A simple study group goes awry in this insighfully clever trailer.

Flinch - Trailer

Sintlucas project - korte speelfilm - Flinch.

Flinch 1994 Movie OnlineHD

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Flinch 1994 Occhi sul delitto time to movie

Flinch full hd movie trailer.

Play It All Night Long-Waren Zevon-Learning To Flinch

Flinch full hd movie trailer.

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