Na krásnom modrom Dunaji Trailer

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji Trailer (1994)

"Comedy" 03 June 1994 123 mins

A crazy comedy about three bohemian friends whose fascination with adventures verging on breaking the law, sexual freedom, loose entertainment and no fears of the consequences bring them even to partaking in the theft of an Andy Warhol painting.

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International Releases Dates

Slovakia 03 June 1994

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Na krásnom modrom Dunaji (SK movie) 1994

Chalani poďme raz normálne trolejbusom!

Na krasnom modrom Dunaji (sk movie)

Uvidite co ste este nevideli! Zazijete co ste este nezazili!

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji (1994) - The Lounge Lizards

The Lounge Lizards - Bob the Bob.

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji.

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji

Na krásnom modrom Dunaji full hd movie trailer.

LEGO na krasnom modrom dunaji

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