Psy II: Ostatnia krew Trailer

Psy II: Ostatnia krew Trailer (1994)

05 April 1994 Action 100 mins

Franz Maurer, a compromised cop, former officer of the criminal department of the Warsaw's police, is released from prison where he was doing time for his brutality and murders. He is awaited by the New, his fellow-policeman. Franz tries to go straight starting hard work in a steel mill. Nevertheless, he must leave the factory as a criminal with an uncertain past when he doesn't join the strike organized by the workers' union. At the same time, a merciless war continues in former Yugoslavia. Wolf and William, two high rank officers, come to Poland in order to organize a network selling and smuggling arms to Yugoslavia by way of Albania.

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Bogusław Linda

as Franz Maurer

Artur Żmijewski

as Radosław Wolf

Sergey Shakurov

as Jakuszyn

Aleksander Bednarz

as Stanisław Bień

International Titles

Psy 2 Trailer

Psy 2: Ostatnia krew Trailer

International Releases Dates

Poland 05 April 1994

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Psy II Ostatnia krew 1994 polski dubbing

Psy II: Ostatnia krew full hd movie trailer.

Psy II Ostatnia Krew 1994

Psy II: Ostatnia krew full hd movie trailer.

Psy II Ostatnia krew (1994) FuLL moviE

Franz Maurer a compromised cop former officer of the criminal department of the Warsaw's police is released from prison where he was doing


PSY 2.

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