Blue Murder Trailer

Blue Murder Trailer (1995)

"The Best Police Force Money Could Buy...." 14 September 1995 Action, Crime 198 mins

Detective Sergeant Roger "The Dodger" Rogerson got fame because he knew how to take care of most dangerous and violent criminals. His success was, however, also due to the sinister alliance with violent underworld figures like Neddy Smith who got police protection in exchange for tips and money.

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Richard Roxburgh

as Roger Rogerson

Tony Martin

as Arthur "Neddy" Smith


International Titles

Blue Murder - OZ Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 14 September 1995

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Blue Murder: Killer Cop SNEAK PEEK

New mini-series starring Richard Roxburgh (Rake) as disgraced NSW Police Detective Roger Rogerson. Coming soon to the Seven Network.

Blue Murder - Barbecue with Neddy and Roger

Neddy and Rogerson discuss the green light.

Blue Murder 3 Disc Ultimate Edition

Before Underbelly there was Blue Murder. Blue Murder chronicles the relationship between top cop Roger Rogerson and criminal kingpin Neddy Smith and their subsequent falls from grace.

Blue Murder: Killer Cop Season 1 Episode 1 August 06 2017

Blue Murder full hd movie trailer.

Blue Murder - Rogerson gets kicked off the Breakers

Junkies drunks and busted

Blue Murder - Title Sequence

Neddy reports on bail for some old stealing charges and is arrested by Rogerson. "You serious mate?" "You can bank on it sunshine."

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