Chellakannu Trailer

Chellakannu Trailer (1995)

12 May 1995 Drama, Action, Romance 140 mins

Chellakannu and Chandra are cousins, they loved each other since their childhood. Chandra leaves the village for studying when she is back, their family tries to marry them. Dhandapani , Chellakannu's father, is the village Panchayat headman, punishes Rajavel for his bad behaviour towards a woman. Rajavel and his father Kailasam decide to take revenge and to create a conflict between Dhandapani and Thangavel , Chandra's father. At the village Panchayat, Thangavel is punished by Dhandapani for a crime he did not commit. Kailasam and Rajavel succeed their plan. Being humiliated, Thangavel cancels his daughter's marriage. Thangavel becomes friend with Kailasam and Thangavel registers with the Panchayat headman's election. Dhandapani wins the election. Thangavel arranges Chandra's marriage with Rajavel but realizes that Rajavel is a womaniser and cancels the marriage with Dhandapani's help. The rest of the story is what happens to Chellakannu and Chandra.

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as Chelakannu


as Chandra

Radha Ravi

as Dhandapani, Chellakannu's father


as Thangavel, Chandra's father

R. Sundarrajan

as Nagarajan


as Younger Chandra


N. Rathnam



Jayram Story


Deva Music

International Releases Dates

India 12 May 1995

Production Companies

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