Cyber-Tracker 2 Trailer

Cyber-Tracker 2 Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995 Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi 97 mins

A Secret Service agent (Wilson) battles an arms dealer who is creating a cyborg army.

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Don Wilson

as Eric

Stacie Foster

as Connie

Tony Burton

as Swain

Jim Maniaci

as CyberTracker #9

Anthony De Longis

as Paris Morgan

John Kassir

as Tripwire

Stephen Rowe

as Damien Rhodes

Christopher Boyer

as Carpenter

Peggy McIntaggart

as Agnes 3000

Athena Massey

as Kessel

Sid Sham

as Shiv

Christopher Kriesa

as Chief of Police


International Releases Dates

Germany 01 January 1995

United States 01 January 1995

Production Companies

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