Jungleground Trailer

Jungleground Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995 Action, Thriller

Roddy Piper portrays a police Lt. working undercover in the so-called Jungleground. His sting operation goes bad and as a result he is caught. Young Odin, his captor and would be drug lord decide to play a game with Roddy. Roddy is given until morning to make it out of the Jungleground alive. Odin and his men however are hunting Roddy; and Odin also has a little insurance, he's kidnapped Roddy's soon to be fiance.

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Roddy Piper

as Lt. Jacob 'Jake' Cornell

Torri Higginson

as Samantha 'Sammy' Woods

JR Bourne

as Odin

JR Bourne

as Odin


Don Allan


International Titles

Höllenjagd Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 01 January 1995

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This is a movie from 1995 named Jungleground. It´s a thriller about an undercover detective who fight alone against the bad boys. In this scene at the beginning of the movie a sting

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