Lady Into Lassie Trailer

Lady Into Lassie Trailer (1995)

26 May 1995 Drama, Comedy, Romance 110 mins

Based on a famous short story by Pushkin, this film tells of a youthful, innocent and pure love story that begins as a girlish joke. Liza is eager to get to know her young neighbor but cannot do so as their fathers are not on speaking terms. Her response is simple and direct. With the help of her loyal servant Nastya, she dresses up as a peasant girl and goes pick mushrooms in the nearby woods....

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Elena Korikova

as Elizaveta Muromskaya

Dmitriy Shcherbina

as Alexey Berestov

Leonid Kuravlyov

as Grigoriy Muromsky

Vasili Lanovoy

as Ivan Berestov

Lyudmila Artemeva

as miss Jackson

International Releases Dates

Russia 26 May 1995

United States 07 July 1995

Production Companies

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Lady into lassie / Baryshnya-krestyanka (with English Subtitles) - 1995 Comedy

Russian Film "Lady into lassie" (Baryshnya-krestyanka) with English Subtitles Directed by Alexei Sakharov Cast - Elena Korikova Dmitry Scherbina Leonid Kuravlev Vasily Lanovoy

Baryshnya krestyanka with English Subtitles Lady into lassie 720p

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Lady Into Lassie (1995)

Lady Into Lassie full hd movie trailer.

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