Mera Damad Trailer

Mera Damad Trailer (1995)

08 March 1995

Veteran thespian Utpal Dutt stars as Chaudhry, a landowner who comes to town looking to get his daughter Sunita (Zarina Wahab) married to the son of his childhood friend Khanna. Khanna's son, Jai (Farooque Shaikh), isn't interested in marrying anyone, but his determined father nonetheless plans a trip to Chaudhry's village for Jai, hoping things will work out. What ensues is a hilarious comedy of errors.

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India 08 March 1995

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Mera Damad - Farooque Sheikh - Zarina Wahab - Superhit Comedy Movies

Jai along with his friend has come to meet his life partner selected by his father. Somehow they step into the wrong village. They are on their way back to have a night stay in a mansion

Aaye Na Aisa Waqt Kisi Pe (HD) | Mera Damad Song | Farooq Sheikh Zarina Wahab | Evergreen Songs

Movie: Mera Damad (1995) Music Director: Salil Chowdhury Babul Bose Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy Lyrics: Yogesh Prem Director: Partho Ghosh Enjoy watching this hit song from the 1995

Jhir Jhir Barse Aaj Gagan Se (HD) - Mera Damad Song - Farooq Sheikh - Zarina Wahab - Romantic Song

Movie: Mera Damad (1995) Music Director: Salil Chowdhury Babul Bose Singer: Amit Kumar Anuradha Paudwal Shailendra Singh Sabita Chowdhury Lyrics: Yogesh Prem Director: Partho Ghosh

Ghir Ghir Barse - Mera Damad Movie 1995

Ghir Ghir Barse - Mera Damad Movie 1995.

Mera Damad (HD) - Hindi Full Movie in 15mins - Ashok Kumar Farooq Sheikh Zarina Wahab

Sitanath Ardhnarayan Choudhry and Ajit Khanna are old friends. Sitanath has a daughter named Sunita and Ajit has a son named Jai. Both fathers would like their respective children to

Jab Main Bhaiyya Sharab Hoon Pita (HD) - Mera Damad Song - Rakesh Bedi - Bhagwan - Dance Song

Movie: Mera Damad (1995) Music Director: Salil Chowdhury Babul Bose Singer: Amit Kumar Lyrics: Yogesh Prem Director: Partho Ghosh Enjoy watching this dance song from the 1995 movie

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