Muthu Trailer

Muthu Trailer (1995)

05 May 1995 Drama, Action, Comedy 180 mins

Muthu starring by rajinikanth and meena. A lavish Maharaja (Rajinikanth) lived with his sister-in-law and stepbrother Rajasekhar (Raghuvaran), helping people incessantly. His sister-in-law has a son, to whom the Maharaja bequeaths a major portion of his property. At this juncture, a new baby is born to the Maharaja.His wife dies soon after. Brother Rajasekhar cheats the Maharaja as he fears that his son's property might be taken back and given to the Maharaja's own son. When the cheating comes to light, the Maharaja hands over all his property and his baby to his sister-in-law...

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as Muthu and Maharaja-Muthu's Father


as Ranganayaki

Sarath Babu

as Raghuvaran's Son-Zamindar


as Maharaja Step-Brother Devaan

Radha Ravi

as Zamindar's Uncle


as Thennappan


as Thennappan


as Poongavanam


as Kaali

K. S. Ravikumar

as Kerala Village President

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Muthu Maharaja Trailer

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India 05 May 1995

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Muthu (1995) - HD Full Length Telugu Film - Rajnikanth - Meena - KS Ravikumar - AR Rahman

Muthu is a 1995 Indian Telugu film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film stars Rajinikanth Meena Raghuvaran Sarath Babu Radharavi Senthil and Vadivelu. The film's score and

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It is the fan made trailer.(Muthu Digital Trailer )Muthu is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film stars Rajinikanth Meena and Sarath Babu.

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Muthu full hd movie trailer.

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Muthu - Muthu (Rajnikanth) is Zamindar Raja's (Sarath Babu) loyal servant. At a village drama Ranganayaki (Meena) catches Raja's eye. He is stunned by her beauty and decides to marry

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Muthu Maharaj (Muthu)

The movie story deals with a kind-hearted Zamindar lived with his sister-in-law and cousin Rajasekhar helping people incessantly. His sister-in-law has a son to whom the Zamindar

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