Adieu, Mon Ami Trailer

Adieu, Mon Ami Trailer (1996)

10 April 1996 Drama 105 mins

Germany, WWII: 10-year old Dagmar has just lost her beloved twin brother Doug and her family through a bomb attack. Together with a young girl who worked in the bakery of Dagmar's parents they escape to Bavaria and find shelter at some far relatives of Dagmar's family. The little girl just doesn't feel comfortable in the strange family but soon finds a good friend: Laurent, a 17-year old French alien employee. Laurent is tormented by August, the "head of the family", but cannot defend himself because as soon as he causes a conflict he will be sent into an approved school in France which is even worse. Dagmar and Laurent become very close and become almost like brother and sister, they are all they have and Dagmar even falls a bit in love with Laurent. One day August sees how Laurent hugs Dagmar, he provokes a conflict and at the end Laurent is sent back to France...

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Julie Engelbrecht

as Dagmar, jung

Luise Deschauer

as Frau Steiner

Petra Berndt

as Leni Steiner

Heinz Ehrenfreund

as Benedikt Rappenreiter

Jens Harzer

as Laurent(jung)

International Releases Dates

Germany 10 April 1996

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Adieu Mon Ami trailer

Adieu, Mon Ami full hd movie trailer.

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Adieu, Mon Ami full hd movie trailer.

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Adieu, Mon Ami full hd movie trailer.

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