Cassiopéia Trailer

Cassiopéia Trailer (1996)

01 April 1996 Animated 80 mins

The planet Atenéia, located in the constellation of Cassiopeia, is attacked by space invaders who begin to drain its vital energy. A distress signal is sent into outer space by the local astronomer, Liza, and received by four heroes who travel across the galaxy to the rescue. The four heroes (Chip, Chop, Feel and Thot) venture through the galaxy facing many dangers as they try to rescue the planet of Atenéia. Each has a specific function in their spaceship: Chop is the captain and pilot, Feel and Thot monitor space, and Chip is the gunman, working also as comic relief. Liza is an astronomer in Atenéia's main lab, working on all of the scientific details of the planet's life. On the way to defeat the evil forces of Shadowseat, the foursome meet Leonardo, a scientist from an undeveloped planet who creates crazy gadgets.

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Brazil 01 April 1996

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Cassiopéia full hd movie trailer.

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