Classe mista 3A Trailer

Classe mista 3A Trailer (1996)

30 December 1996 Comedy, Romance

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Vanessa Frassica

as Caterina

Leonardo Ruta

as Stefano Mancini

Alessio Maria Federici

as Giuliano Bracci

Marco Bonini

as Gianluca Minelli

Simone Barazzotto

as Mauro Fraschetti

Clotilde Clover

as Alessia Borsetti

Solena Nocentini

as Giovanna Valeriani

Alba Cuomo

as Alba "Monroe" Mariani

Eleonora D'Urso

as Alex Morselli

Patrizia Loreti

as Prof.ssa Matematica

Gianfranco Barra

as Prof. Lamberti (italiano)

Lamberto Petrecca

as Professore

Paolo Bonolis

as Tony Costa negoziante di animali

Roberto Della Casa

as Preside Silvestri

Alberto Rossi

as Ragazzo di Alex Morselli

Giorgia Trasselli

as Madre di Stefano

International Releases Dates

Italy 30 December 1996

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Classe mista 3a

Classe mista 3A full hd movie trailer.

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Classe Mista 3A (1996) L'Infinito di Leopardi...

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Classe mista 3A full hd movie trailer.

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Classe Mista 3A - L'infinito di Leopardi: Leopardare!

Classe Mista 3A - L'infinito di Leopardi: Leopardare!

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