Eraser Trailer

Eraser Trailer (1996)

"He will erase your past to protect your future." 21 June 1996 Drama, Action, Thriller 115 mins

U.S. Marshall John Kruger erases the identities of people enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. His current assignment is to protect Lee Cullen, who's uncovered evidence that the weapons manufacturer she works for has been selling to terrorist groups. When Kruger discovers that there's a corrupt agent within the program, he must guard his own life while trying to protect Lee's.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

as U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger

James Caan

as U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin

Vanessa Williams

as Lee Cullen

James Coburn

as WitSec Chief Beller

Robert Pastorelli

as Johnny Casteleone

James Cromwell

as William Donohue

Danny Nucci

as WitSec Deputy Monroe

Nick Chinlund

as WitSec Agent Calderon

Michael Papajohn

as WitSec Agent Schiffer

Joe Viterelli

as Tony Two-Toes

Mark Rolston

as J. Scar

John Slattery

as FBI Agent Corman

Robert Miranda

as Frediano

Roma Maffia

as Claire Isaacs

Melora Walters

as Darleen

Olek Krupa

as Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky


Frank Capra III

Frank Capra III Executive Producer

Chuck Russell

Chuck Russell Executive Producer

Michael Tadross

Michael Tadross Executive Producer

Alan Silvestri

Original Music Composer

Adam Greenberg

Adam Greenberg Director of Photography

International Titles

Заличителят Trailer

Queima de Arquivo Trailer

Kustutaja Trailer

Eraser (Eliminador) Trailer

Eraser, eliminador Trailer

Eraser - suojelija Trailer

L'Effaceur Trailer

Απόλυτη διαγραφή Trailer

Brisač Trailer

Végképp eltörölni Trailer

پاک کننده Trailer

イレイザー Trailer

Likvidator Trailer

Стиратель Trailer

El Protector Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 22 August 1996

Austria 22 August 1996

Australia 19 September 1996

Belgium 08 August 1996

Brazil 26 July 1996

Canada 21 June 1996

Switzerland 23 August 1996

Czech Republic 22 August 1996

Germany 22 August 1996

Denmark 02 August 1996

Spain 19 August 1996

Finland 09 August 1996

France 07 August 1996

United Kingdom 23 August 1996

Greece 04 September 1996

Hong Kong 08 August 1996

Hungary 15 August 1996

Ireland 23 August 1996

Israel 09 August 1996

Iceland 23 August 1996

Italy 11 October 1996

Korea 29 June 1996

Netherlands 08 August 1996

Norway 16 August 1996

New Zealand 12 September 1996

Philippines 31 July 1996

Poland 16 August 1996

Portugal 09 August 1996

Sweden 09 August 1996

Singapore 04 July 1996

Slovenia 28 August 1996

Turkey 06 September 1996

United States 02 September 2008

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