One Eight Seven Trailer

One Eight Seven Trailer (1997)

"When schools become war zones and both sides start taking casualties, what then?" 29 July 1997 Drama, Thriller 119 mins

After surviving a stabbing by a student, teacher Trevor Garfield moves from New York to Los Angeles. There, he resumes teaching as a substitute teacher. The education system, where violent bullies control the classrooms and the administration is afraid of lawsuits, slowly drives Garfield mad.

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Samuel L. Jackson

as Trevor Garfield

John Heard

as Dave Childress

Kelly Rowan

as Ellen Henry

Clifton Collins, Jr.

as Cesar Sanchez

Tony Plana

as Principal Garcia

Karina Arroyave

as Rita Martinez

Lobo Sebastian

as Benny Chacon

Jack Kehler

as Larry Hyland

Jonah Rooney

as Stevie Littleton

Jonny Bogris

as Barsek

Martha Velez

as Mrs. Chacon

Method Man

as Dennis Broadway

Kathryn Leigh Scott

as Anglo Woman

International Titles

187 Trailer

187, código de la muerte Trailer

187 Trailer

187 - Eine Tödliche Zahl Trailer

187, más mentes peligrosas Trailer

187, muchas mentes peligrosas Trailer

187 Code Meurtre Trailer

187 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 15 October 1997

United Kingdom 12 September 1997

United States 29 July 1997

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Official Trailer: One Eight Seven (1997)

(also known and abbreviated as 187). After surviving a brutal attack (Instrument used was a board with nails in it) by a student teacher Trevor Garfield moves from New York to Los

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187 Trailer German Deutsch (1997)

Offizieller "187: Eine tödliche Zahl" Trailer Deutsch German 1997 | Abonnieren ➤ | (OT: One Eight Seven) Movie #Trailer | Verkaufsstart 25 Nov 2016| Filminfos

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One Eight Seven (1997) — Official Trailer [480p HQ]

One Eight Seven (1997) — Official Trailer [480p HQ] One Eight Seven (1997) — Official Trailer [480p HQ] One Eight Seven (1997) — Official Trailer [480p HQ]

Official Trailer: One Eight Seven (1997)

(also known and abbreviated as 187). After surviving a brutal attack (Instrument used was a board with nails in it) by a student teacher Trevor Garfield moves . (also known and

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