Poison Ivy: The New Seduction Trailer

Poison Ivy: The New Seduction Trailer (1997)

"All the rules are about to be broken." 01 January 1997 Thriller, Romance 93 mins

A sinister seductress vows to destroy a suburban family.

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Jaime Pressly

as Violet

Megan Edwards

as Joy Greer

Michael Des Barres

as Ivan Greer

Greg Vaughan

as Michael

Susan Tyrrell

as Mrs. B

Tenaya Erich

as Violet - Age 8

Trishalee Hardy

as Joy - Age 9

Sabrinah Christie

as Ivy - Age 9

Merete Van Kamp

as Catherine Greer

Athena Massey

as Rebecca

Susan Ward

as Sandy, Girl at Party

Michael McLafferty

as Scott, Boy at Party


Kurt Voss


Reg Powell

Original Music Composer

Feliks Parnell

Feliks Parnell Cinematography

International Titles

Poison Ivy III: The New Seduction Trailer

Relação Indecente 3 - A Nova Sedução Trailer

Sedução e Vingança Trailer

Poison Ivy III - Sex, Lügen, Rache Trailer

Dulce veneno Trailer

Fleur de poison 3 Trailer

Glykeia Ivi III: I nea apoplanisi Trailer

Otrovna Ivy: Novo zavodjenje Trailer

Poison Ivy - Szex, hazugság, bosszú 2. Trailer

Violet - La nuova seduzione Trailer

Poison Ivy 3 - The New Seduction Trailer

Poison Ivy 3 - The New Seduction (Unrated Version) Trailer

Poison Ivy 3: Violet Trailer

Seducción fatal III Trailer

International Releases Dates

Netherlands 01 January 1997

United States 01 January 1997

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