Uncut Trailer

Uncut Trailer (1997)

23 March 1997 92 mins

Freely drawing from a variety of film genres, including musicals, the sudsy melodramas and documentaries and combing them with a free-flowing narrative and bright pop-art sensibilities, this hard-hitting experimental romp from Canadian filmmaker John Greyson packs a political wallop while satirically comparing and contrasting the issues of censorship and circumcision. The tale centers on the exploits of three homosexuals named Peter. Peter Koosens is obsessed with the semi-scandalous behavior of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau while college student Peter Cort, ponders the significance and necessity of male circumcision. Peter Denham is an artist who seduces the other two and freely borrows from their work to make something of his own. Their exploits land the trio in prison after an operatic number (the police sing songs adapted from Bizet's Carmen).

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Michael Achtman

as Peter Koosens

Matthew Ferguson

as Peter Cort

Damon D'Oliveira

as Peter Denham

Maria Reidstra

as Officer

Alexandra Webb

as Defense Lawyer

Daniel MacIvor

as Newscaster


International Releases Dates

Canada 23 March 1997

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