Bana Old and Wise'ı Çal Trailer

Bana Old and Wise'ı Çal Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998 Drama 20 mins

A man named Onur, connects to a Radio programme presented by Oguz and requests the song Old and Wise from The Alan Parsons Project. A day later Eda, for whom Onur requested the song, calls in to tell it was a special song for Eda and Oğuz but there is something myterious going on...

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Erkan Can

as Oğuz


International Releases Dates

Turkey 01 January 1998

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bana old and wise'ı çal (çağan ırmak-1998) tek parça.

yönetmen çağan ırmak'ın çektiği kısa şrollerinde Erkan Can ve Derya Alabora oynuyor.

çağan ırmak - bana old and wise çal pt.1

ünlü yönetmen çağan ırmak'ın çektiği kısa şrollerinde derya alabora ve erkan can oynuyor.

çağan ırmak - bana old and wise çal pt.2

part 2.

Çağan Irmak - Bana Old and Wise Çal pt.3

part 3.

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