Cats Trailer

Cats Trailer (1998)

"The World's Best-loved Musical: The Memory will Live Forever" 05 October 1998 Music 120 mins

Cats is a pop-cultural phenomenon that has been performed on stage for more than 50 million patrons in 26 countries for almost 18 years, resulting in more than two billion dollars in ticket sales. Now that Cats has finally made it to the small screen, attention must be paid not just by fans of this critic-proof show, but also by those entertainment mavens who have somehow avoided it until now.

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John Mills

as Gus the Theatrical Cat

Ken Page

as Old Deuteronomy

Rosemarie Ford

as Bombalurina

Michael Gruber

as Munkustrap

John Partridge

as Rum Tum Tugger

Aeva May

as Demeter

Geoffrey Garratt

as Shimbleshanks

James Barron

as Bustopher Jones

Jo Gibb

as Rumpleteazer

Jacob Brent

as Mr. Mistoffelees / Quaxo

Susan Jane Tanner

as Jellylorum

Tommi Sliiden

as Coricopat

Kaye Brown

as Tantomile

Karl Morgan

as Pouncival


Nicholas D. Knowland

Nicholas D. Knowland Cinematography

John Napier

John Napier Production Design

Peter Bingermann

Peter Bingermann Art Direction

David Munns

David Munns Art Direction

Robert Butters

Robert Butters Executive In Charge Of Production

Simon Hardy

Simon Hardy Production Manager

Austin Shaw

Austin Shaw Executive In Charge Of Production

International Titles

"Great Performances": Cats Trailer

Cats: The Musical Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 23 February 2005

Finland 03 March 1999

United Kingdom 05 October 1998

Sweden 08 January 2000

United States 27 October 1998

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The Trailer for CATS - Released in 1998! | Cats the Musical

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Cats Trailer 1 (SEDS) & 2 (CK Productions)

One Of The Most Popular Musical Shows I've Ever Done On Stage In The Iadanza Club Based On T. S. Elliot's Novel Old Possums Of Pratical Cats And The Songs Composed By Sir Andrew Lloyd

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