China Gate Trailer

China Gate Trailer (1998)

27 November 1998 Foreign 179 mins

After witnessing the brutal slaying of her Forest Officer father, Sunder Rajan, at the hands of dreaded dacoit Jageera, Sandhya goes to Colonel Krishnakant Puri and asks for his assistance in bringing an end to Jageera's rule in the Devdurg region. Krishnakant agrees to assist her, and summons about a dozen of his fellow officers and subordinates to assist him. They all assemble at Devdurg with all the necessary ammunitions and arms to combat Jageera, not realizing that Jageera has influence over the local police detachment, who will prevent Puri and his men to possess any guns and weapons. This does not deter Puri and his men, and they continue to stay on in Devdurg and gain the confidence of the villagers. What the villagers do not know that Krishnakant and his men had all been dishonorably discharged from the army for cowardice and retreating when attacked by the enemy. Will Puri and his men abandon Devdurg and let history repeat itself?

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Om Puri

as Col. Krishnakant Puri

Naseeruddin Shah

as Maj. Sarfaraz Khan

Danny Denzongpa

as Maj. Ranjir Singh Gurung

Mamta Kulkarni

as Sandhya Rajan

Ila Arun

as Mrs. Gopinath

Kulbhushan Kharbanda

as Maj. Kailashnath Gupta

Paresh Rawal

as Inspector Barot

Tinnu Anand

as Capt. Bijon Dasgupta

Aanjjan Srivastav

as Pandey / DK


as Sub. Nageshwar Rammaiah

Viju Khote

as Ghanshyam

Shivaji Satam

as Gopinath

Harish Patel

as Devdurg villager

Amrish Puri

as Col. Kewal Krishan Puri

Samir Soni

as Udanshu Tandon

International Releases Dates

India 27 November 1998

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