Conquest Trailer

Conquest Trailer (1998)

"Somewhere between nowhere and oblivion lies a small town with a big heart" 14 May 1998 92 mins

British-Canadian light romantic comedy film set in a dying Saskatchewan town. Bank branch manager, Pincer Bedier, dreams of reviving the town when one day a beautiful young woman's car breaks down and she becomes stranded until it can be repaired. She is convinced by the banker to take on the duties at the local hardware store to pay for the parts for her car and soon a romance between the two develops.

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Lothaire Bluteau

as Pincer Bedier

Tara Fitzgerald

as Daisy MacDonald

Monique Mercure

as Grace Gallagher

International Titles

Conquest - Reise in ein neues Leben Trailer

Conquest - Életképek egy halott városból Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 14 May 1998

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