Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Trailer

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Trailer (1998)

"Buy the ticket, take the ride." 22 May 1998 Adventure, Drama, Comedy 118 mins

The hallucinogenic misadventures of sportswriter Raoul Duke and his Samoan lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, on a three-day romp from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Motoring across the Mojave Desert on the way to Sin City, Duke and his purple haze passenger ingest a cornucopia of drugs ranging from acid to ether.

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Johnny Depp

as Raoul Duke

Benicio del Toro

as Dr. Gonzo / Oscar Z. Acosta

Tobey Maguire

as Hitchhiker

Ellen Barkin

as Waitress at North Star Cafe

Gary Busey

as Highway Patrolman

Cameron Diaz

as Blonde TV Reporter

Mark Harmon

as Magazine Reporter at Mint 400

Katherine Helmond

as Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel

Michael Jeter

as Ron Bumquist

Penn Jillette

as Carnie Talker

Craig Bierko

as Lacerda

Lyle Lovett

as Road Person

Laraine Newman

as Frog-Eyed Woman

Tim Thomerson

as Hoodlum


Nicola Pecorini

Nicola Pecorini Director of Photography

Alex McDowell

Alex McDowell Production Design

Chris Gorak

Chris Gorak Art Direction

Nancy Haigh

Nancy Haigh Set Decoration

Julie Weiss

Julie Weiss Costume Design

International Titles

Pánico y locura en Las Vegas Trailer

Страх и отвращение в Лас Вегас Trailer

Страх и омраза в Лас Вегас Trailer

Medo e Delírio Trailer

Angst und Schrecken in Las Vegas Trailer

Ratastel Las Vegasesse Trailer

Strah i prijezir u Las Vegasu Trailer

פחד ותיעוב בלאס וגאס Trailer

Paura e Deliro a Las Vegas Trailer

Rasu Begasu o yattsukero Trailer

Frykt og avsky i Las Vegas Trailer

Las Vegas Parano Trailer

Las Vegas: Lęk i odraza Trailer

Delírio em Las Vegas Trailer

Paranoja u Las Vegasu Trailer

Strah in groza v Las Vegasu Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 04 November 1999

Austria 16 October 1998

Australia 16 July 1998

Brazil 10 July 1998

Switzerland 04 September 1998

Czech Republic 04 November 1999

Germany 24 September 1998

Denmark 13 November 1998

Estonia 07 August 1998

Spain 23 April 1999

Finland 02 October 1998

France 19 August 1998

United Kingdom 13 November 1998

Greece 30 October 1998

Hungary 07 January 1999

Ireland 13 November 1998

Iceland 19 February 1999

Italy 29 January 1999

Netherlands 11 March 1999

Norway 04 December 1998

New Zealand 01 October 1998

Poland 29 October 1999

Portugal 31 March 2000

Sweden 04 December 1998

Turkey 02 June 2000

United States 22 May 1998

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