Lucky and Zorba Trailer

Lucky and Zorba Trailer (1998)

22 December 1998 Animated 75 mins

A seagull is caught by the black tide of a sinking petrol ship. She manages to fly inland and falls down in a garden by a cat. Moribund, she asks the cat to fulfill three promises: that when she lays her egg he must not eat it; that he must take care of it until it hatches; that he would teach the newborn how to fly.

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Carlo Verdone

as Zorba (voice)

Luis Sepúlveda

as Poet (voice)

Antonio Albanese

as Big Rat (voice)

Melba Ruffo

as Bobulina (voice)

Sofia Baratta

as Lucky (voice)

Veronica Puccio

as Lucky (voice)

Domitilla D'Amico

as Lucky (voice)

Margherita Birri

as Nini (voice)

Gabriele Patriarca

as Pallino (voice)

Luca Biagini

as Diderot (voice)

Paolo Lombardi

as Colonel (voice)

Valerio Ruggeri

as Secretary (voice)

Paola Tedesco

as Rosa Dei Venti (voice)

Paola Tedesco

as Rosa Dei Venti (voice)

Alida Milana

as Kengah (voice)

Fabrizio Vidale

as Igor (voice)


Enzo D'Alò


Maria Fares

Maria Fares Executive Producer

Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Producer

Michel Fuzellier

Michel Fuzellier Production Design

Monica Verzolini

Monica Verzolini Post Production Supervisor

Giorgio Vita Levi

Giorgio Vita Levi Sound Director

Daniele Arpini

Daniele Arpini Visual Effects

Gianluca Lazzaroni

Gianluca Lazzaroni Production Office Assistant

International Titles

La mouette et le chat Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 19 October 2000

France 22 December 1998

Italy 23 December 1998

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