Summer of the Monkeys Trailer

Summer of the Monkeys Trailer (1998)

30 October 1998 Family 101 mins

One summer Jay finds four chimps on the prairie who have fallen off a circus cart.

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Michael Ontkean

as John Lee

Leslie Hope

as Sarah Lee

Wilford Brimley

as Sam Ferrans

Corey Sevier

as Jay Berry Lee

International Releases Dates

United States 30 October 1998

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"Summer of the Monkeys" (1998) Trailer

Pretty sure this is the worst movie ever but I will never know for sure because I will never give it a chance. From the Air Bud VHS.

Summer of the Monkeys (1998) trailer (1998)

From the 1998 VHS release of Air Bud Golden Receiver (15655

Summer of the Monkeys part 1

part 1.

Opening To Summer Of The Monkeys 1998 VHS

Here Is The Opening To Summer Of The Monkeys 1998 VHS And Here Are The Order: FBI Warning Screens Disney Home Video Logo Available To Own On Videocassette Screen

Opening To Summer Of The Monkeys 1998 VHS

Here Is The Opening To Summer Of The Monkeys 1998 VHS And Here Are The Order: FBI Warning Screens Disney Home Video Logo Avaliable To Own On Videocassette Screen

Summer of the Monkeys part 2

watch in HQ other wise it wont play.

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