Twilight of the Dark Master Trailer

Twilight of the Dark Master Trailer (1998)

"The Ultimate Clash Between Good and Evil" 21 January 1998 Fantasy, Animated, Sci-Fi 45 mins

Tsunami is an ancient gaurdian fom days long ago when the Mother Spirit created Daemons and Gaurdians to aid a fledgling human race. Tsunami becomes involved with a woman who has just lost her fiance and her arm and now wants to figure out why this has happened.Meanwhile the Daemon leader is still alive and plotting to enslave mankind. Will Tsunami defend earth once again or be corrupted as two other gaurdians have been by the Daemon leader...

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Toshihiko Seki

as Shijo Tsunami

Akira Kamiya

as Huang Long

Emi Shinohara

as Tachibana Shizuka

Atsuko Takahata

as Narrator / Takamiya (female form)

Koji Yusa

as Glider Officer

Kunihiko Yasui

as Kurizawa Eiji

Masuo Amada

as Kizaki

Miho Yamada

as Receptionist

Mizue Ohtsuka

as Car Navigator Voice

Seizo Katou

as Takamiya (male form)

Shihori Niwa

as Girl #1

Takaya Hashi

as Kumazawa


Saki Okuse

Saki Okuse Original Story

Keishi Urata

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Shihaisha no Tasogare Trailer

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