Silent Witness Trailer

Silent Witness Trailer (1999)

"When you can't scream you can only run..." 04 November 1999 Thriller, Foreign 94 mins

Combining a family vacation with business, Walter Richmond (William Hurt) takes his wife (Jennifer Tilly) and their 10-year-old, mute daughter, Melissa (Francesca Brown), to the Netherlands -- where Melissa inadvertently witnesses a murder. Unable to tell anyone what she's seen, the frightened girl vanishes in an attempt to elude the killers. Meanwhile, her parents try desperately to piece together the puzzle leading to Melissa's disappearance.

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Dick Maas


International Titles

Do Not Disturb - Zwei Augen zu viel Trailer

Do not disturb - Zwei Augen zuviel Trailer

Presa del pánico Trailer

Silent Witness Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 04 November 1999

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