Sunshine Trailer

Sunshine Trailer (1999)

13 September 1999 Drama, History, Romance 181 mins

The fate of a Hungarian Jewish family throughout the 20th century.

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Ralph Fiennes

as Ignatz/Adam/Ivan Sors

William Hurt

as Andor Knorr

Miriam Margolyes

as Rose Sonnenschein

Rüdiger Vogler

as Jakofalvy

Hanns Zischler

as Baron Margitta

John Neville

as Gustave Sors

James Frain

as Gustave Sonnenschein

Molly Parker

as Hannah Wippler

Deborah Kara Unger

as Carole Kovacs

Jennifer Ehle

as Valerie Sonnenschein

Rosemary Harris

as Valerie Sors

Mark Strong

as István Sors

Buddy Elias

as Mr. Brenner

Bill Paterson

as Minister of Justice


Lajos Koltai

Lajos Koltai Director of Photography

Leo Davis

Leo Davis Casting

Attila Kovács

Attila Kovács Production Design

Christian Eder

Christian Eder Set Decoration

Attila Köves

Attila Köves Set Decoration

Miklós Molnár

Miklós Molnár Set Decoration

Josef Riehs

Josef Riehs Set Decoration

International Titles

Вкус солнечного света Trailer

The Taste of Sunshine Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 28 April 2000

United States 13 September 1999

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