The Ninth Gate Trailer

The Ninth Gate Trailer (1999)

"Every book has a life of its own." 25 August 1999 Horror, Thriller, Mystery 133 mins

An all-expenses-paid international search for a rare copy of the book, 'The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom' brings an unscrupulous book dealer deep into a world of murder, double-dealing and satanic worship.

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Johnny Depp

as Dean Corso

Frank Langella

as Boris Balkan

Lena Olin

as Liana Telfer

Barbara Jefford

as Baroness Kessler

Jack Taylor

as Victor Fargas

José López Rodero

as Pablo & Pedro Ceniza/1st & 2nd Workmen

James Russo

as Bernie

Willy Holt

as Andrew Telfer

Tony Amoni

as Liana's Bodyguard

Joe Sheridan

as Old Man's Son

Rebecca Pauly

as Daughter-In-Law

Maria Ducceschi

as Secretary


Mark Allan

Mark Allan Producer

Michel Cheyko

Michel Cheyko Executive Producer

Wolfgang Glattes

Wolfgang Glattes Executive Producer

Suzanne Wiesenfeld

Suzanne Wiesenfeld Line Producer

Wojciech Kilar

Original Music Composer

Darius Khondji

Darius Khondji Director of Photography

International Titles

La última puerta Trailer

O Último Portal Trailer

Die 9 Pforten Trailer

Üheksas värav Trailer

La Neuvième Porte Trailer

Deveta vrata Trailer

A kilencedik kapu Trailer

ナインスゲート Trailer

A Nona Porta Trailer

Deveta kapija Trailer

Deveta vrata Trailer

La Novena Puerta Trailer

9. kapi Trailer

The 9th Gate Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 27 April 2000

Australia 28 September 2000

Belgium 25 August 1999

Brazil 20 April 2000

Chile 20 April 2000

Germany 16 December 1999

Denmark 25 November 1999

Estonia 15 September 2000

Spain 27 August 1999

Finland 25 December 1999

France 25 August 1999

United Kingdom 02 June 2000

Greece 17 March 2000

Hong Kong 18 May 2000

Croatia 16 November 2000

Hungary 22 June 2000

Ireland 02 June 2000

Israel 14 September 2000

Iceland 26 May 2000

Italy 24 December 1999

Korea 11 November 2000

Lithuania 10 November 2000

Netherlands 31 May 2000

Norway 14 April 2000

New Zealand 15 March 2001

Peru 22 June 2000

Philippines 03 May 2000

Poland 04 February 2000

Puerto Rico 09 March 2000

Portugal 18 February 2000

Sweden 26 November 1999

Slovenia 14 September 2000

Turkey 29 September 2000

United States 10 March 2000

Uruguay 09 June 2000

South Africa 25 August 2000

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