Tomie Trailer

Tomie Trailer (1999)

"Tomie will not die" 01 January 1999 Horror, Foreign 95 mins

Following some trauma in her past that has since been repressed, a young woman is trying to recover her memories with the help of a psychiatrist. During her hypnosis sessions, she repeats the name "Tomie" but is unable to recall where she knows it from. Meanwhile, a police detective is investigating a string of brutal murders, where he also runs across the name "Tomie." How are the two connected?

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Miho Kanno

as Tomie Kawakami

Mami Nakamura

as Tsukiko Izumisawa

Tomorowo Taguchi

as Detective Harada

Kôta Kusano

as Yuuichi Saiga

Kenji Mizuhashi

as Yamamoto


as Kaori

Yoriko Douguchi

as Dr. Hosono


Mikihiko Hirata

Mikihiko Hirata Executive Producer

Tsutomu Tsuchikawa

Tsutomu Tsuchikawa Executive Producer

Akira Sakoh

Akira Sakoh Cinematography

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Tomie - flickan som vägrade dö Trailer

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TOMIE (1999)

Trailer-Asian Horror (1999) JAPAN Director: Ataru Oikawa Writers: Junji Ito (comic) Ataru Oikawa Stars:Miho Kanno Mami Nakamura and Yoriko Dôguchi. Synopsis: A police investigation

tomie movie trailer

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