Everybody's Famous! Trailer

Everybody's Famous! Trailer (2000)

12 April 2000 Comedy, Foreign

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Josse De Pauw

as Jean Vereecken

Eva van der Gucht

as Marva Vereecken

Werner De Smedt

as Willy Van Outreve

Thekla Reuten

as Debbie

Victor Löw

as Michael Jensen

Gert Portael

as Chantal Vereecken

Alice Reys

as Lizzy

George Arrendell

as Knappe man

François Beukelaers

as NTO directeur

Silvia Claes

as Omroepster

Marc Didden

as Cameraman

Sien Eggers

as Debbies buurvrouw

Lut Hannes

as Vriendin van Marva's moeder

Wim Opbrouck

as Rik De Visser

Filip Peeters

as Rijkswachter

International Titles

Everybody’s Famous Trailer

International Releases Dates

Belgium 12 April 2000

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Everybody's Famous Trailer

Everybody's Famous! full hd movie trailer.

Everybody's Famous - Trailer

Jean is an ordinary family man and factory worker who is certain that his only child Marva is destined to become a famous singing star. If only Jean could catch a break if only Marva

Lucky Manuelo- Marva- From the Belgian Movie: Iedereen beroemd (Everybody's Famous).flv

Everybody's Famous! full hd movie trailer.

Everybody's Famous! 2000 Full Movie HD

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Everybody's Famous

My 3yr old getting Spider-Man.

Everybody's Famous! /part 1 HD

Jean is a family man and factory worker who dreams of becoming a songwriter. Pinning his hopes on his teenage daughter Marva he takes her to singing contests in which the awkward and ......

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