Joker Trailer

Joker Trailer (2000)

29 October 2000 Drama

Royal Circus, owned by Govindan, is on rocks. With the help of his manager Khader, Govindan just manages to run the company, though not in a satisfactory manner. All the members of the troupe live as a family, sharing intimate bonds of love and camaraderie. Babu, the favorite of the troupe is the clown of Royal Circus. He has learned the perfect art of masking his sorrows behind the clown's ever laughing mask. He has been there in the troupe ever since his childhood, looking after the other children, especially Govindan's daughter Kamala. And Govindan has always been saying that Babu is to be his heir and is to marry Kamala. And of course Babu, deep in his heart, has feelings of love for Kamala.The movie takes a turn when Sudheer Misra, the young son of Padmini, a former member of the troupe makes his entry into the camp. Sudheer's arrival marks the beginnings of change. He steers the company out of its crisis and gives it a new form and name as New Royal Circus.

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as Babu


as Kamala

Nishanth Sagar

as Sudheer Mishra

T.S Raju

as Govindan


as Khader

Bindu Panikkar

as Susheela


as Abookka

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India 29 October 2000

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