Me, Myself & Irene Trailer

Me, Myself & Irene Trailer (2000)

"From gentle to mental." 22 June 2000 Comedy 116 mins

Rhode Island State Trooper Charlie Baileygates has a multiple personality disorder. One personality is crazy and aggressive, while the other is more friendly and laid back. Both of these personalities fall in love with the same woman named Irene after Charlie loses his medication.

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Jim Carrey

as Off. Charlie Baileygates/Hank Evans

Renée Zellweger

as Irene P. Waters

Anthony Anderson

as Jamaal Baileygates

Robert Forster

as Colonel Partington

Richard Jenkins

as Agent Boshane

Zen Gesner

as Agent Peterson

Mongo Brownlee

as Lee Harvey Baileygates

Jerod Mixon

as Shante Jr. Bailreygates

Chris Cooper

as Lieutenant Gerke

Cam Neely

as Trooper Sea Bass

Shannon Whirry

as Beautiful Mom

Tony Cox

as Shonte

Rob Moran

as Trooper Finneran

Daniel Greene

as Dickie Thurman


Lee Scott

Original Music Composer

Mark Irwin

Mark Irwin Director of Photography

Pamela Withers

Pamela Withers Costume Design

Mark Charpentier

Mark Charpentier Co-Producer

Linda Fields

Linda Fields Associate Producer

Marc S. Fischer

Marc S. Fischer Co-Producer

International Titles

Irene, yo y mi otro yo Trailer

Аз, моя милост и Айрийн Trailer

Eu, Eu Mesmo e Irene Trailer

Irene, yo y mi otro yo Trailer

Ich Beide und Sie Trailer

Ich, Beide und Sie Trailer

Jeg, Mig & Irene Trailer

Jeg, Mig og Irene Trailer

Irene, yo y mi otro yo Trailer

Yo, yo mismo e Irene Trailer

Me kaksi ja Irene Trailer

Fou d'Irene Trailer

Εγώ, αυτή και ο εαυτός μου Trailer

Ja, ja i Irena Trailer

Io, me e Irene Trailer

Futari no otoko to hitori no on'na Trailer

미 마이셀프 앤드 아이린 Trailer

Irene y yo... y mi otro yo Trailer

Irene, yo y mi otro yo Trailer

Jeg, meg selv og Irene Trailer

Irene, yo y mi otro yo Trailer

Ja, Irena i Ja Trailer

Ela, Eu E o Outro Trailer

Ja, ja i Irena Trailer

Mina jag och Irene Trailer

Jaz, Irene & jaz Trailer

Ben, kendim ve sevgilim Trailer

Me Myself and Irene Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 14 September 2000

Australia 22 June 2000

Belgium 12 July 2000

Brazil 12 October 2000

Switzerland 12 October 2000

Czech Republic 14 September 2000

Germany 19 October 2000

Denmark 14 July 2000

Estonia 08 September 2000

Spain 14 July 2000

Finland 21 July 2000

France 23 June 2000

United Kingdom 22 September 2000

Greece 25 August 2000

Hong Kong 20 July 2000

Croatia 16 November 2000

Hungary 05 October 2000

Indonesia 08 July 2000

Ireland 22 September 2000

Israel 20 July 2000

India 25 August 2000

Iceland 30 June 2000

Italy 08 September 2000

Korea 09 September 2000

Kuwait 30 August 2000

Mexico 07 July 2000

Malaysia 22 June 2000

Netherlands 20 July 2000

Norway 21 July 2000

New Zealand 13 July 2000

Peru 14 September 2000

Philippines 20 September 2000

Poland 01 September 2000

Sweden 19 July 2000

Singapore 22 June 2000

Slovenia 21 September 2000

Slovakia 14 September 2000

Turkey 13 October 2000

Taiwan 08 July 2000

United States 23 June 2000

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