Parthen Rasithen Trailer

Parthen Rasithen Trailer (2000)

11 August 2000 145 mins

Shankar(Prashanth) is a graduate of BSC nautical science, waiting for a job in the shipping industry. He is a tenant in the house of Banu(Simran), who is his good friend and confidante. They spend almost all their time together and she seeks him out as a refuge from her step brother Panneer(Raghuvaran), whom she dislikes but is forced to live together with. Shankar falls in love with Sarika(Laila). She reciprocates but problems and misunderstandings plague their romance.

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Parthen Rasithen is a 2000 Indian Tamil romantic thriller written and directed by Saran movie starring SimranPrashanth and Laila in the lead roles. The film music was composed by

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Parthen Rasithen full hd movie trailer.

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TO BUY THIS MOVIE IN DVD CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW Follow Us - Contact Us- Anna SalaiChennai-600002. Phone-044 -28297564044-28297175 Name: Parthen

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Name: Parthen Rasithen Director: Saran Music Director: Bharathwaj Producer: Cherin Movie Makers Released year: 2000 Parthen Rasithen is a Tamil movie starring Prashanth Simran

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